Installing MOPs Plus

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Installing MOPs Plus

Post by walidaziz »

Hi there, i currently have the original MOPS Json file in my Houdini packages folder, and it works great. But when i add the MOPS_Plus Json file to the packages folder, Houdini doesn't recognize it unless i remove the original MOPS Json file (in other words, when i start Houdini, i only see MOPS, no MOPS_Plus). I attached a screenshot from my folders.

Let me know what i'm doing wrong, thank you.

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Re: Installing MOPs Plus

Post by toadstorm »

Hey there,

This is likely a known Houdini bug that causes packages to interfere with each other. You'll need to update to build 18.5.415 or later, or roll back to 18.5.351.

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