Bug with Convert

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Bug with Convert

Post by AndreAndre_1986 »

MOPS Convert crushes in few cases ,this is one of .
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Re: Bug with Convert

Post by toadstorm »

I'm not getting a crash here on my end (18.0.356), though I am getting an error. I think it's due to the fact that you're starting with no geometry... there's nothing in that shape until about frame 280. You can set the "rest frame" on MOPs Convert to 280, which will help, although you'll still get an error before that point because there's just nothing there at all.

That aside, I can't quite figure out why you're running MOPs Convert at all, since you're just unpacking immediately afterwards. MOPs Convert is intended to either add some convenience attributes to existing packed primitives (such as i@id and v@rest), or to act a little like the Assemble SOP and create packed primitives out of geometry with an s@name attribute before adding the convenience attributes as before.

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