mistake during transaction along line

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mistake during transaction along line

Post by AndreAndre_1986 »

Hi this is mistake during transaction along line ..This often trouble,no matter is users assets inside . same thing happens among simple sets.
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Re: mistake during transaction along line

Post by toadstorm »

Hi Andre,

The issue here is that you are computing an orientation on the curve (via either the built-in orient options on MOPs Move Along Spline, or the MOPs Orient Curve SOP), but the curve is changing every frame! The transform option on the Labs Spiral is actually deforming the curve, and so the curve's orientation will be calculated differently on every frame, resulting in that jumping behavior you're seeing.

The solution is to not use that transform channel on the Labs Spiral to rotate the curve. Use MOPs Orient Curve to generate a fixed orientation, then use a Transform SOP or something similar afterwards to handle the rotation. This will ensure that the curve orientation is consistent even as it deforms.

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