Move_Along_Spline1 Error

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Move_Along_Spline1 Error

Post by ysa »

I was referring to the Entagma tutorial, but I get an error with Move_Along_Spline1.
Is there a way to solve this problem?

Houdini Version 18.5.408

The file has been uploaded.!AiW6_3gxlSu7nkWEnmU ... I?e=MnUeQZ

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Re: Move_Along_Spline1 Error

Post by toadstorm »

I'm not sure exactly what error you're running into, but if it's a VEX error, you just need to download a more recent build of MOPs. The latest Stable build, v1.3, should have the problem fixed. If you're still having trouble, please show me the exact error you're seeing.


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