MOPS Set Sequence - Tree Growth

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MOPS Set Sequence - Tree Growth

Post by aias »

Thank you for developing MOPs!
I am trying to create a quite common effect.
An animated sequence of a tree growing instanced on a surface with a falloff controlling the sequence start time.

Based on the example for animated sequences I have created an attribute wrangle with:
if (@mops_falloff == 0.0) { @__frame == 1.0; }
else { @__frame += 1; }

But that doesn't seem to update the frame as expected.

1) Considering that my sequence is 96 frames what should my attribute wrangle contain for the @__frame attribute to have the sequence start when @mops_falloff == 1.0 and continue until end?

2) Usually this effect could be faked without an animated sequence but with a jiggle deformer in C4D. I see there is a Delay node in MOPS, is there a jiggle node equivalent here to jiggle attributes like pscale after modifying them with MOPs transform ?

Thank you.

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Re: MOPS Set Sequence - Tree Growth

Post by toadstorm »


The reason your expression doesn't work is because you can't accumulate a value (+=1) in SOPs without there being some kind of solver involved. It looks to me like you want the tree sequences to "activate" upon the falloff value being greater than zero?

I'm attaching a HIP file that shows how you might do this. The SOP Solver records the time at which the Falloff value passes zero, and then that attribute is compared to @Frame to determine the timing for each instance.

Incidentally, there's a new Falloff node in MOPs Plus called MOPs Trigger Falloff, which is great for this kind of effect. It's worth looking at if you decide to purchase.

I'm not sure exactly what a "jiggle" effect would do for this sort of effect, but you could try the MOPs Spring Modifier? It applies spring forces to incoming transform attributes.
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