How Extract Cd attribute in complex MOPS

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How Extract Cd attribute in complex MOPS

Post by AndreAndre_1986 »

Hi, i m try many times extract Cd attribute for rendering in Redshift ,but in fact result only like two srceenshot.Please tell me how extract or create iittle bit random gradient on each brunch of these geometry . exactly along each spline gradient .
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Re: How Extract Cd attribute in complex MOPS

Post by toadstorm »

I'm sorry, I don't entirely understand your question... If you're trying to get your Cd point attribute to affect your material's color in Redshift, what you'll want to do is use a Redshift User Data Color VOP in your material network to load the Cd attribute, then use that to drive the color property of your material. Here's a thread about the process on odforce: ... nt-colors/

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